Soccer Finishing is a Soccer Training Program that focuses 100% on Finishing


Soccer Finishing” is a soccer training program that focuses 100% on finishing. We provide our training expertise in two formats:

Online Training

One-on-one ONLINE coaching sessions utilizing the Soccer Finishing Method (SFM) offered by your soccer finishing coach, Andy Rodriguez. This program is designed for players, ages 13 and up (intermediate and advanced), parents and coaches. Sessions available in English and Spanish.

Onsite Training

One-on-one ONSITE finishing sessions with 100% focus on finishing. This program is designed for players, ages 13 and up (intermediate & advanced). Onsite training is available exclusively in Chicago.


As a goalscorer, you possess distinctive characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. With that in mind, finishing needs a personalized approach. With the Soccer Finishing Method you’ll learn and practice:

 Numerous repetitions and personalized finishing drills

 Focusing on your specific strengths as a player

 Developing a personal game plan for maximum success on the field

 How to cultivate a goalscorer mindset, concentration, self-confidence

 How to maintain a consistent positive attitude


The Soccer Finishing Method is designed for players who are serious about the game and want to improve their goalscoring capabilities. It is for coaches who do not have time to work one-on-one with their goalscorers due to time constraints and practice demands with their teams. It is also for parents who are looking to help improve and maximize the finishing abilities of their goalscorer.

  1. We thoroughly analyze the player’s position, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. This helps us understand the players more in terms of their scoring capabilities, how they are utilizing them and what they have to do so as to increase their scoring performance.
  2. We then match the player’s skills with those of a pro goalscorer who has similar characteristics. The main purpose of the pro-match is for the player to model the patterns of the pro goalscorer (area on the field where the pro is receiving the ball, where they are taking shots, how they move, and the movement on how they take the shot.) This is very important because it helps us identify areas that the player is falling short and provides instruction on how to correct and refine technique and skill. The pro matching serves to mimic the pro goalscorer’s patterns through modeling and visualization. This brings out the contrast between the player and the pro goalscorer so we can work on aligning skills more precisely. The drills created from working with a pro goalscorer helps create a highly specialized training program.
  3. We then focus on detailed, in-depth training of the player so they advance their scoring skills. We provide personalized finishing drills from real game situations captured from the pro player match-up. This crucial segment is entirely zeroed in on goalscoring skills and we meticulously design them to dramatically expand your skill level. The drills are specially designed for the specific player so they can practice on their own after the online training. The players are coached on finishing tactics and they learn how to capitalize on every opportunity that arises to score goals.
  4. After equipping players with the necessary finishing skills that enable them to score more goals from any position, we work on the goalscorer mindset. Concentration, self-confidence, positive attitude, and visualization exercises are crucial to every goalscorer. A goalscorer can have the perfect scoring skills but without proper concentration and confidence, all these skills may not produce results. It is for this reason that we help players on how to remain focused to score goals while on the pitch. We require several exercises for players that will greatly improve their concentration and confidence.

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