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 Soccer Finishing founder, Andy Rodriguez, is a former pro and college player, gaining invaluable experience during his competitive playing days. Andy has the inherent ability to use the most effective concepts and methodology and, as a result, has compiled his winning formula into a comprehensive soccer finishing (goalscoring) training program –The Soccer Finishing Method.

Andy achieved some impressive goalscoring heights during his career, reaching peak performance in spectacular fashion by scoring more than 80 goals over the duration of his college career.

After initially playing as an offensive midfielder during most of his soccer career, Andy converted to a forward-striker role in college, in response to the tactical formation required by his former college coach.

Andy needed to adapt quickly so he implemented –The Soccer Finishing Method – and produced outstanding outcomes that resulted in his receiving multitude awards throughout his college career as well as while playing at a professional level.

Andy’s passion is helping goalscorers achieve their full potential as finishers. He works one-on-one with goalscorers to help them unlock their peak performance. Andy knows well that it’s all about improving and perfecting your [highlight]FINISHING SKILLS![/highlight]

Andy Rodriguez
Soccer Finishing Coach

Andy is a tremendous coach!! His past experience playing at a high level in the USA and Mexico also adds tremendous credibility. During his time with Coerver he worked with multiple age groups from 7 years of age to High school kids both boys and girls and was able to work well with all. Andy especially excelled at the finishing part of the sport. We had clinics specifically focused on striking and finishing and routinely sold them out. He has a great rapport with students and they in turn relate well with him

Troy A. Baughman

I had the opportunity to play with Andy professionally. An excellent goal scorer with great finishing skills. A true leader and team player on and off the field

Dario Sala

Andy was a very passionate and disciplined player. I have no doubt that he will instill the same passion he has for soccer to younger generations and help them achieve their goals

Salim Chartouni

In order to score goals one most live with passion in order to create goal opportunities and to strike with confidence, which Andy always had. Excellent opportunity to learn how to live for the goal!

Juan Ignacio Palou

Andy is an excellent human being with an outstanding ability as a forward. His discipline, dedication and determination have made him successful in every single thing he has done. His understanding of the game and commitment to greatness will significantly impact any player he coaches. If you are looking to improve your finishing in soccer, then Andy is your solution!

Pepe Galvan


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