RADAMEL FALCAO The #9  Striker-Forward

RADAMEL-FLACAO-256Radamel Falcao, “the tiger,” is one of the best strikers in the world. A true #9 with excellent finishing skills. His strengths: volleys, long shots, quick in counter attacks and chipping.

Falcao owns up to his nickname, a tiger waiting for its prey; at some point, he stays hidden so that defenders cannot predict or sense that he is there and then, suddenly, he shows up! He instinctively knows when to pound and in a snippet of a second, the ball is in the net.

Goal scorers in this position are go-getters or “Goal getters”… they get it done! Their first responsibility is to score goals, and their second responsibility is to hold play and provide teammates with assists. They tend to score most of their goals from inside the box. Following the goalscorer quadrant, Falcao belongs to quadrant #1 for Striker-Forward.


Remember! Every goal scorer is different and everyone possesses unique skills. Once you know your Quadrant ID number, you can become more effective by understanding your role and position on the field.


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